Nourish feeds- price & information

Nourish feeds ltd has a good reputation producing good quality feeds for farm animals in Bangladesh. Nourish feeds ltd has cattle, poultry & fish feeds. And also very popular in our country. Appeal for the quality poultry feed has urged Nourish to above and beyond into the poultry feed tasks in 2001. Here we will learn more about this feeds.

Nourish feeds

Company Information

Nourish Poultry and Hatchery Ltd is an agro-based organization has a place with Nourish Poultry Group. Auxiliary of Khaled Group of Companies, take part in delivering poultry items like Day Old Chicks (DOC), oven, layer and fish feed and so on. Origin in 1999, Nourish Poultry and Hatchery Ltd has guaranteed consumer loyalty by giving top notch Day Old Chicks (DOC).

Nourish feeds

Nourish poultry feed has had a tremendous impact on poultry farmers from the very beginning. Its high and consistent FCR has influenced a wide section of the rural population to take part in the poultry farming business.

Broiler, Layer, Sonali murgi/tiger murgi, Duck & Koil feeds are available in nourish poultry feed dealers ‍and sellers.

Nourish feed price in Bangladesh

Poultry feed price

Broiler starter2350.00 Taka
Broiler grower2350.00 Taka
Broiler finisher 2350.00 Taka
Sonali murgi grower2110.00 Taka
Dack koil feed1925.00 Taka

Cattle feed price

Beef Fattening (-) 777.00
Dairy 777.00

Fish feed price

Carp grower (-)1137

Price information source- Success Group

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  1. How i can get broilar starter in dhaka mirpur.
    I need hole bag of starter with holesale rate. Is it possible?

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