Farm Animals in Bangladesh

dairy cow

Farm Animals in Bangladesh. Dairy cow, Beef Cattle, Buffalo, Goats, Sheeps, Laying Hens, Broilers, Ducks, Deshi Murgi, Turkeys, Shonali Chicken, Rabbits, Farmed fish and so many Farm Animals have in Bangladesh.

Dairy cow

Dairy cow is a popular farm animal in Bangladesh at now. At present the number of listed and unlisted dairy farms in the country is about two and a half lakh. About 66 percent of the milk demand in the country is coming from these local dairy farms and household cows. According to the Bangladesh Dairy Farmers Association (BDFA), the country currently produces about 99.23 million tons or 990 million liters of milk annually.

As such, the daily milk production is about three and a half crore liters. Pabna, Shirajgongj, Shatkhira, Gazipur & Savar districks are production zone for dairy cattle.

At present in our country more cows of improved breeds and cows of crossbred breeds are reared. The milk production capacity of these cows is 10-30 liters per day. Varieties have been developed through artificial insemination.

Beef Cattle

Beef Cattle
Beef cattle in Bangladesh

Beef Cattle is the most popular farm animal in over the farm animals of our country. Beef cattle are reared throughout the year, but the time of Eid-ul-Adha is more. According to the Department of Livestock, the number of farms in the country in 2016 was 4 lakh 42 thousand 991. The total number of fattening cows to be sacrificed in these farms was 26 lakh 14 thousand 246. In 2019 the number is 26 lakh 75 thousand 142. As a result, 60,794 cows have been raised in one year.

Dairy cow
Dairy cow in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi young people are very interested in this type of farm animals. Beef fattening uses improved breeds and crossbred cows. Shahiwal, Shindhi, Gir, Red Chittagong are popular breed in Bangladesh for beef.

Beef cattle are reared in almost all the districts of Bangladesh. Kushtia, Pabna, Shirajganj, Rajshahi, Gazipur, Narayanganj and other districts have more such farms.


Buffalos in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, buffalo is commonly used in agriculture. This is another farm animals in Bangladesh. There are a few buffalo farms where meat is being reared. Since the price of buffalo meat is almost equivalent to beef, Buffalo farms are becoming popular ‍at now. Buffaloes are more common in river basins and char areas in Bangladesh. Buffaloes have higher immunity, as a result the cost of keeping is less. Buffalo rearing requires open pasture. The cost of food for keeping buffaloes is low.


Goats in Bangladesh

Goats are very important livestock of Bangladesh and very popular over all farm animals. Goats are one of the main sources of income for the poor in our country. Goats play a vital role in reducing unemployment and poverty in Bangladesh, increasing meat production and earning foreign exchange. It is to be noted that most of the total 2.5 crore goats in this country are of Black Bengal breed.

Goats are reared in almost every family in Bangladesh. Black Bengal breed goats are rampant in Bangladesh. About 93 per cent of the 20 million goats in the country are reared by small and medium scale farmers. However, raising goats in cattle is not as profitable and easy as others. The breeds of goats in Bangladesh- Angora, Barbari, Beetle, Jamunapari, Surati, Marwari, Malbari, Gaddi, Kashmiri, Pashmina, Sanen, Tugenberg, Orpine, Mohsana, Fiji, Anglo.

Among these, Bangladesh’s Black Bengal is the best in the world. They are particularly suitable for production in indigenous climates, Moreover, the production capacity of Black Bengal goats is higher. Black Bengal goat is mainly recognized in the world as a meat and leather producing breed

Available breed of goats in Bangladesh

  1. Black Bengal
  2. Jamunapari goat
  3. Boer goat
  4. Hariana
  5. Ram Sagol
  6. Betol goats, etc


Sheep farming in Bangladesh

The role of sheep in the development of socio-economic and nutritional status of the common man in our country is significant. The nutritional value and taste of mutton is almost identical to that of goat meat. There is a tempting opportunity to raise sheep commercially in Bangladesh like poultry. Sheep rearing is more profitable than other animals. A farm with 30 sheep built on low capital earns Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000 per annum. Meat, milk and fur are available from sheep at the same time.

Popular Sheep breeds in Bangladesh

  1. Garol sheep
  2. Sheep of Barindra area
  3. Sheep of the Jamuna Basin
  4. Sheep of Coastal area
  5. Shitland sheep

Laying Hen

Laying Hen
Laying hen in Bangladesh

That is very important in all of farm animals in Bangladesh. Layer hens are special types of hens for egg production. Who are observed from one day to age, They start laying eggs at 18 to 19 weeks of age. Production period lasts from 72 to 6 weeks of age.

There is a huge demand for chicken eggs in our country. Layer chicken business is a lucrative business that has been going on in our country for many years.

There are two types of layer chickens according to the nature or color of the eggs. White egg producer and brown egg producer hens in Bangladesh.


broiler farming in Bangladesh
broiler farming in Bangladesh

What is a broiler chicken? Broilers are a special type of chicken for chicken meat production. Whose body weight is 2-3 kg in 30-35 days. At that time they will eat about one and a half kg of food for one kg body weight. Their meat is very soft and delicious. Some name of broiler breeds are Hybro PN, Hubbard Classic, Cob 500, Hybro PG + Arbor Acre, Starbro, etc. Most popular farm animal for meat in Bangladesh.

Ducks, Deshi Murgi, Turkeys, Shonali Chicken, Rabbits, Farmed fish

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