Boer goat farming in Bangladesh

Boer goat

Boer goat farming in Bangladesh. Boer goats were first seen in South Africa in the 1900s. This breed of goat has been made only for meat production. Since it is made by cross with different improved varieties, the Boer goats grows very fast and the amount of meat is much higher. So this variety has become very popular all over the world for meat production.

Boer breed of goat

They gain up to 250 grams per day which is 30 to 38 kg in 3 months. They weigh up to 15 kg in 3 months due to poor diet. They mature very quickly and have 2 to 4 babies at a time. It is very normal to have two children. Due to the high price of this goats, it is crossed all over the world with the local breed goats of that area.

This cross causes the first 50% blood line to move. Goats of 50% Boer blood line can easily gain 30 kg weight in 6 months. The only goat in the world is reared exclusively for meat production. Meat has revolutionized Australia, China, the United States and Canada.

Boer goats in Bangladesh

We have already received 32 kg in 6 months at our farm. Their disease is very rare. More babies and faster weight gain have become very popular on commercial farms in Bangladesh. In the future, this variety will become popular in our country as well as in other countries of the world. Thoughts are afoot to expand this breed of goat by combining African Boer goats with Jamunapari goats in Bangladesh.

Boer goat

Characteristics of this goats

  1. These are fast growing.
  2. The meat is delicious.
  3. Strong immunity.
  4. Boars are very tough animals.
  5. They eat a lot so that they can adapt to any environment very quickly.
  6. The average weight of this goat breed is 90 to 135 kg.
  7. The growth rate of this goat is 210 to 220 grams per day.

Boer goats prices in Bangladesh

These days, many people are becoming interested in Boer goat farming in Bangladesh. Due to their high demand all over the world, they sell one goat breed at auction for 1 lakh to 30 lakh taka. These are mainly sold for breeding. There are also some Boer goats prices in the local market that sell for 5,000 to 20,000 in Bangladesh.

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