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MISHKAT AGRICULTURE is the trusted name of the farming sector in Bangladesh. We are working on the development of farm and feed management in our small farmer. At present, the marginal and small farmers are constantly facing losses. But with proper training and farming skill development, these problems can be solved. Read more About Us.

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Animal Nutrition & Feeds are the most important parts of livestock farming. We want to give the best product to the farmers at a fair price.

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We have created a complete blog site that discusses various topics related to cattle, poultry and fish farming. From where farmers can easily get the information in Bengali they need.

Livestock Animals & Farming

Livestock Farming means Cattle, Poultry & Fish. This type of farming is very popular in the livestock sector of Bangladesh. Different species of animals and birds are reared in our country. Cows, goats, ducks, and chickens are reared in almost every house in the village.

Cattle farming

Cattle farming is very common in rural areas in Bangladesh. Cattle are reared mainly for milk or meat production. There is a huge demand for meat, milk, and dairy products in our country. It can be a lucrative business. Adequate training and skills are required to manage a profitable cattle farm.

The main obstacle to livestock farming is a disease. Cattle are infected by viruses, bacteria, protozoa, worms, fungi, etc., and cause disease. All these diseases cause economic loss to the cattle farm. Many times cattle die.

Sirajganj, Pabna, Gazipur, Kushtia, Shatkhira districts are highly milk and meat production zone in Bangladesh. Types of cattle farm-

  1. Dairy cow farm
  2. Beef cow farm
  3. Buffalo farm
  4. Goat farm
  5. Sheep farm

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a popular business in our country for the unemployed youth. Building a poultry farm does not require much capital. Not too much skill is required. Poultry farms can be started with a little training and interest.

The biggest challenge of running a profitable poultry farm is disease control and proper medical management. Because a lot of chickens in our country die from different types of viruses and bacterial diseases.

Poultry farms can be divided into several ways. Types of poultry farm-

  1. Deshi murgi
  2. Broiler chicken
  3. Layer chicken
  4. Duck
  5. turkey murgi
  6. Pigeon
  7. Others birds

Fish farming

Fish farming is one of the most lucrative occupations in our country. We have a lot of ponds and canals suitable for fish farming. At present, Bangladesh is at the top in freshwater fish production. This achievement has been possible for our fishing brothers. Fish farms can be divided into several parts.

Feed & Nutrition

Proper feeding and nutrition management of cattle is the biggest challenge now. When the prices of all types of cow-food and food items go up. In order to make a profit from the farm, the food management of the farm must be improved.

  1. Dairy cow feed
  2. Beef fattening feed
  3. Broiler feed
  4. Layer feed
  5. Shonali / Cocrel
  6. Duck feed
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