10 Biofloc fish farming opportunity in Bangladesh

Biofloc fish farming opportunity

Biofloc fish farming opportunity in Bangladesh. Biofloc is a combination of different species of microorganisms and aquatic particles. Biofloc composed of bacteria, algae, fungi, invertebrates and Detritus. Aggregates of algae, bacteria, protozoa, various organic particles such as fish droppings and unused feed. Flocks in water are joined together by mucus which is converted into food by bacteria.

Biofloc technology is a strategy to increase water quality in fish farming by maintaining a balance of carbon and nitrogen in the system. In other words, biofloc technology is a system for removing waste from water. This technology uses bacteria that are beneficial bacteria. These are what we call probiotics.

These probiotics kill harmful bacteria. So the quality of water is maintained. These probiotics also have the ability to convert water nitrogen into proteins.

Biofloc fish farming opportunity
Biofloc fish farming opportunity

Biofloc fish farming opportunity

Biofloc projects can be undertaken in the backyard, on the roof of the house or on barren land where crops are not grown. Cement, rod or drum basins, conventional water tanks in the market and 3/4 feet of soil from the land, aisles are tied and water reservoirs are made by triple bottoming of polythene to cultivate different species of fish including tilapia, rui, shing, magur, pabda, gulsha and shrimp by biofloc method. Goes.

Fish farming with biofloc method is a sustainable and environmentally friendly farming method. It is an environmentally friendly and perfectly safe nutritious fish production method. The method by which the excrement of the fish is converted into its food. As a result, 25 percent of the food meets 100 percent of the demand.

This reduces the cost of food for fish production by 75 percent. On the other hand, this method produces three times more fish in a small area than the method of farming in ponds.

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